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Medical Text


General Services

Standard Consultation (15 mins)               

Telephone Consultation (15 mins) 

Extended Consultation (30mins) 

Please request this at the time of booking to allow extra time to be allocated 

Follow-up Consultation 

Review Consultation to discuss test results 







Additional Services

Repeat Prescriptions 

If consultation with a GP is not required

Driving Licence Assessment 

Group 1 

Group 2 


First session 

Subsequent sessions (with nurse)

Ear Syringing 

Comprehensive Health Assessment 

Includes assessment, blood, ECG, and written report. 

Involves an initial visit to the nurse, and subsequent visit with the doctor. 











Women’s Health

Cervical Check Smear 

                 Aged 25-66 

Contraception services under HSE Scheme age 17-30 

Private Smear 

Implanon first visit (counseling, to discuss suitability, provide prescription)

Implanon insertion

Implanon removal 

Implanon removal and reinsertion same day 

Coil initial consultation 

Coil fitting

Check at 6 weeks 

Coil removal 

There is a purchase cost for Mirena and Implanon of approximately €80 from pharmacies













Nurse Services

Nurse Consult 



Prior consultation with the doctor is required

24-hour Blood Pressure Monitor 

Prior Consultation with a doctor is required

Suture Removal 

Administration of Injection with Nurse 

Vitamin B12, Prolia, Depo Provera. 

Injection not supplied by practice.

 Loading course of Vitamin B12 

6 injections over 2 weeks. 

Injection not supplied by practice.









Administrative Services

Letter for Patient 

Sick Note/ Letter for School/ Letter for Creche 

Passport Form Witnessing 

Pre- Employment Medical 

Medico-Legal Report/ Personal Injury Report: 






Sexual Health Screening

STI - Full Sexual Health Assessment 

Includes consultation with GP, blood test, urine test, and swabs, if required .

STI - Full Sexual Health Screen with Nurse 

Includes consultation with a nurse, blood test, urine test, and swabs, if required

This is only suitable for patients who do not have any symptoms





Pneumococcal Vaccine 

Chicken Pox Vaccine 

Two injections required

For Children > 12 months

Shingles Vaccine 

Zostavax: single dose

Shingrix: two doses two months apart

Must be prepaid and ordered in advance

For adults aged > 50 years


€80 per injection



€440 for both

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